Æxeo® Investor

Æxeo® Investor is Citco’s proprietary in-house developed transfer agency and allocation platform that facilitates calculation of asset-based fees such as management fees, incentive allocations/fees, custody fees, etc., and the automatic allocation of various income elements such as general P&L, foreign exchange hedges, withholding tax, illiquid P&L, and New Issue income across share classes and series, as well as partner balances.

Æxeo® and Æxeo® Investor are fully integrated and data flows seamlessly between the two platforms, with reporting and transparency via the CitcoOne platform.

Key features of Æxeo® Investor include:

  • Automatic allocations and fee calculations:

  • P&L, new issue P&L, FX hedge gains / losses and illiquid P&L movements

  • Equalization, series and partnership methodologies

  • Automated processing of dividends & rebates

  • Automatic allocation of P&L Feeds from accounting platform

  • Allocation can show various RoR calculations (MTD, YTD and inception-to-date where applicable)

  • Automatic feed of fee journal entries back to accounting platform

  • Reports available for detailed analysis of fees and P&L components

  • Robust Maker-Checker principle automated in system workflows

  • Enhanced functionality (e.g. liquidity tracking, ERISA monitoring, treasury module, underlying investor tracking capability)

  • 100’s of reports/extracts available

  • Direct reporting via CitcoOne Portal including posting of statements, contract notes, fund newsletters, audited financials, etc.


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Greg Fenlon

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