Æxeo® Technology

Æxeo® Technology is the first true straight-through, proprietary front-to-back solution for hedge funds that uses a single database for all activities including order capture, position and P&L reporting and accounting.

The technology runs trial balances and transaction activity for general ledger accounts in real time, giving clients direct access to view and run reports. It features an expanding menu of collaborative Æxeo® modules for each task.

With Æxeo® Technology, all users can work from the same real-time data, improving efficiency and making a new level of information availability possible.

Key features of Æxeo® Technology include:

  • Proprietary front-to-back portfolio management and accounting platform

  • Independent database which provides transparent, secure and immediate access to your data

  • Full Transparency to Clients: all users can share the same tools, data, report access

  • Flexible Reporting: summary and detailed levels are easily accessible via dynamic grid views

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Albert Bauer

Albert Bauer

Chief Technology Officer,
Citco Technology Management, Inc.

T+1 212 401 9629