Online trading launches for investors

CitcoOne™ web platform introduces paperless trading for authorised subscribers to funds

A generation ago, the suggestion that it would be possible to process a financial transaction without putting pen to paper would have been met with serious scepticism. With the interim advancements in online access and security, it is now undeniably the present, rather than the future state.

The alternative investment space has lagged behind the broader financial sector in terms of electronic transaction processing; however, Citco will soon enable clients to be at the fore-front of the evolution of this process.

In the initial phase, existing investors will be targeted. Upon an investor’s subscription into a fund, Citco will distinguish details regarding the representatives authorised to place and/or approve trades on their behalf, and establish online profile permissions allowing those parties to submit future subscription/redemption requests related to that investment. Full integration with Citco’s proprietary transfer agency system, Æxeo® Investor, ensures seam-less and accurate data capture and adherence to unique fund trading terms.

Citco plans to continue evolve the online investor experience, introducing online subscription processing for initial transactions and managing static data updates online.

Extensive benefits of online trading

The convenience of online trading is indisputable. Beyond convenience, investors and investment managers alike can rely on the CitcoOne platform to provide a secure, user-friendly trading experience which will result in immediate confirmation of trade request placement and reduced processing time overall. We will be reaching out to our clients as well as investors in the coming weeks to share more on this exciting development.

9th September 2016