Company Administration

Take advantage of our company administration service, tailored for internationally operating groups and clients. Our service simplifies the business of investing across many different locations, including emerging and frontier markets.

Throughout our network of over 40 countries, we assist internationally operating groups with a range of specialised corporate, accounting and reporting services.

Specialists in each jurisdiction work alongside accountancy and audit firms, lawyers, banks, financial consultants and investment advisers.

From international holding activities to treasury and cash pooling companies, our multinational and corporate client teams assist clients establishing, maintaining and effectively operating their legal structures. Citco has dedicated staff to efficiently guide you through the local- and international regulatory environment.


  • Establish companies

  • Corporate services including , company secretarial services, cash  management, payment processing services, tax compliance assistance services, regulatory & transaction orientated compliance, provision of registered office, liquidation services, organisation of board- and shareholders meetings.

  • Process agent services

  • Capital Market / structured finance / escrow services

  • Administration

  • Accounting, bookkeeping, preparation of statutory annual reports, consolidation and/or periodic reporting, audit assistance, GAAP conversion (IFRS, US GAAP, local GAAP), local tax compliance.

Our contacts

Leila Szwarc

Leila Szwarc

Member of the Management Team,
Governance Services
Citco Corporate Management (Madrid) S.L.

T+34 91 414 8667