Corporate Secretarial

Evolving regulations and rising stakeholder expectations are forcing funds and companies to focus on corporate governance. The time has come to ensure that proper corporate governance procedures are in place.

Ensuring that proper corporate governance procedures are robust and up-to-date across funds, subsidiary companies and special purpose vehicles.

Our staff include qualified corporate secretaries with extensive corporate and fund secretarial experience, in many of the local jurisdictions throughout the world. Our people possess the requisite regulatory, compliance, risk and corporate governance skills, which enable for the support of the everyday challenges of increased corporate governance and the establishment of a best practices.


  • Prepare agendas and notices of meetings
    - Circulate notices and board packs to directors prior to meetings.

  • Attend meetings
    - Take minutes of the meetings of the board.

  • Draft and circulate resolutions to document transactions and agreements

  • Ensure all statutory requirements are adhered to and notify the client of impending deadlines and changes.

  • Option to use an electronic platform for receipt and use of board packs by directors and service providers 

Our contacts

Leila Szwarc

Leila Szwarc

Member of the Management Team,
Governance Services
Citco Corporate Management (Madrid) S.L.

T+34 91 414 8667