Credit Facilities

Credit facilities specifically designed for funds of hedge funds to enable short or longer-term borrowing, to meet the operational and other cash flow requirements of funds of funds.

Through Citco Bank and Citco Financial Products, funds of funds can get access to liquidity, leverage, bridging, foreign exchange and bespoke hedge fund derivative solutions.

Citco also has the in-house expertise to advise and arrange tailor-made structured solutions .

Citco Financial Products draws on our in-depth understanding of fund of funds’ cash flow requirements, and what drives them. We shape our credit facility offerings accordingly.

Key services

Liquidity, leverage, bridging facilities
  • Short and longer-term facilities, designed for funds of funds.
Credit simulation tool
  • Credit position modelling against projected or real pool of assets.
Structured solutions
  • Tailored structured products
FX exposure hedging
  • Agency-style execution, backed by pioneering transparency.

Our contacts

Kieran Dolan

Kieran Dolan

Managing Director,
Citco Bank Nederland N.V.

T+353 1 636 7121

Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson

Managing Director,
Head of Capital Markets,
Citco Capital Solutions Inc.

T+1 212 401 9600
LNew York