FX Exposure Hedging

Make sure that your FX exposure hedging is transparent and fair. Traditionally hedging has been sold as part of a bundled administration service – Citco Bank’s FX service offers greater clarity and is completely fair.

Leveraging our scale as a major market participant, we use an agency model to get our clients the best price from a panel of leading FX brokers. An independent FX consultancy then systematically checks the FX prices achieved every quarter, comparing them with prevailing market spreads.

We’re bringing new levels of trust to FX hedging – after research revealed that billion dollar portfolios were routinely paying FX rates significantly outside the market price.

FX Execution
  • Outsource FX hedging, using an agency-style approach
FX Calculation
  • Calculate FX exposures arising from foreign currency share classes
Cross-Currency Payments
  • Integrate payment execution and currency conversion