Global Subsidiary Governance Services

General Counsels, in-house legal teams and corporate secretarial functions face a challenging environment. Global regulatory complexity continues to grow fast. Citco GSGS is a technology-enabled service platform helping firms better harmonize the administration of their global entities. Citco GSGS equips multinationals with the level of control and transparency required to navigate today’s complex compliance environment.

This model provides

  • Partnership approach: dedicated central team – single point of contact and delivery

  • Proven methodology: one provider, one agreement, one invoice

  • Technology: specifically designed for global subsidiary governance

  • Comprehensive suite of services: annual compliance, event-driven corporate actions and appointments

  • Navigation of complex regulatory requirements: global infrastructure solution


Our proprietary technology ecosystem brings our workflows, experienced client service teams and reporting into one place. It generates real-time updates on everything from the status of annual obligations to tasks in progress as well as analytics reports.

TMS GSGS services

Through its innovative task management system Citco GSGS provides an insight-driven approach managing every aspect of global subsidiary governance, from annual filings to directorship changes. This technology ecosystem synthesizes Citco GSGS’ years of experience managing global subsidiary portfolios. 

  • Custom-designed around the practice of subsidiary governance

  • Offers complete transparency and control over entity workflows

  • Provides unprecedented accuracy

  • Enables actionable insights

  • Backed by a fully dedicated client services team

To request a demonstration of the GSGS task management system, please contact:

Citco GSGS Services Overview

Citco GSGS Services Overview


Our contacts

Kariem Abdellatif

Kariem Abdellatif

Head of Citco Global Subsidiary Governance Services

T+352 47 23 23 265

Robert-Jan Kokshoorn

Robert-Jan Kokshoorn

Head of Business Development,
Citco Global Subsidiary Governance Services

T+1 305 577 1116

Vytautas Stasionis

Vytautas Stasionis

Business Development Manager,
Global Subsidiary Governance Services

T+370 5 204 7321
LVilnius, Lithuania

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