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Citco believes a customer with a portfolio of a thousand loans and one with fifteen loans require the same level of attention and care. Supported by a global team of specialists experienced in the lifecycle management of syndicated and private credit instruments, Citco spans three decades as a premier provider within the servicing landscape.

Whether you are investing in leveraged loans, private credit or commercial mortgages, Citco’s Loan Servicing Solutions supports your needs. Currently servicing the full cycle of loan management for:

client exposure









Technology & Scale: Integrated technology ecosystem supportive of the existing industry landscape and easily adaptive to new market requirements.

Client Focused: Customizable outsourced solutions tailored to your portfolio and your specific operational structure.

People: Global team of specialists experienced in the lifecycle management of syndicated and private credit instruments supporting your local base of operation.


We track your portfolio and load all loan information directly to our servicing system. Citco’s data validation and reconciliation processes ensure that all information is verified and tied out to third party sources. This is the base service we execute when we are monitoring your bank debt or loan portfolio.

Scalable solution supporting daily loan processing, making it easy for clients directly originating or acquiring loans. Citco supports collection into both internal and external accounts as well as managing borrower inquires. Let Citco handle your operational servicing tasks so you can focus on portfolio management and new market opportunities.

Citco understands that larger loans can be more structurally complicated and require a specialized team that can interact and provide comprehensive reporting to an expansive lender base. Citco’s servicing technology and operational teams provide you with a ready-made infrastructure to handle the management of all agency functions.

Our closing and settlement function is designed to support you in the quick and efficient settlement of your loan based trades. Our Closers have significant industry experience in both par settlements and more typically loan closing formats and can support and guide you through either process.

Assist with ClearPar Onboarding and Registration

  • CP Institutional Registration Form
  • CP User Registration Form
  • LSTA/LMA Administrative Detail Form

Integrate with Markit CIDD Platform

  • Integrated workflow for with Citco Treasury Team

Agnostic to platform architecture, Citco can deliver data when and how you need it. We can integrate with your internal systems marrying data from both client and Citco platforms providing for integrated reporting and convenient access through our dashboard platform.

If you are investing in leveraged loans, private credit or commercial mortgages, Citco’s Loan Services Solutions supports your needs. We are equally equipped to service investors with complex multi-asset, cross-domiciled loan portfolios as well as those with less complex requirements. As challenges in the market push originators to create more dynamic loan structures, it is critical to identify a partner that understands how day-to-day loan activity impacts your portfolio. Whether you are seeking basic services such as payment and transaction processing – or enhanced agency services for syndicated and complex transactions – Citco’s offering can help you navigate and execute opportunities successfully in these challenging times.


An intuitive and interactive tool providing for client specific portfolio views accessible anywhere.
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One of the simplest, yet time-consuming processes related to bank debt are the ingestion of notices from Agents. While not a complex process, the notices are required to be indexed before a processing can commence. This can delay actual processing for days depending on volumes.

Our integration utilizes text extraction from documents and Named Entities Recognition to maximize efficiency and deliver notices automatically into our CitcoOne™ portal for direct Client access.

Engagement Details

  • Clients: 55
  • Legal Entities: 375
  • Average daily documents:
  • - Low periods: 375 notices per day
  • - Peak periods: Peak of 4,300 notices in 24 hours. 10,250 notices received for a QE over a 4 day period.
  • Agency Banks: 300+
  • Document formats: 1000+
  • Text extraction accuracy rate: 91%

Manually index of notices

  • In an office environment: 1 minute per notice
  • In a remote environment: 3 minutes per notice

Citco integration: Automated index of notices

  • Fully index notices via automation: no manual intervention needed
  • Partially index notice via automation: 30 seconds to 1 minute per notice


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Jeremy Cohen

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Kyle Davis

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Thomas Erichsen

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