Portfolio Analytics

Get a holistic view of the portfolio across all asset classes, ownership structures, legal entities and currencies. This reporting tool offers unmatched depth of analysis and insight, analysing complex portfolios in real time.

Citco automatically flows data into the multi-asset reporting platform and makes sure that the correct legal structures are established.

The reporting tool allows complex analysis tables to be built and then exported to Excel.

Complex reports with multiple analysis views can be combined on a single page.

Key services

Customised reports
  • Deliver high-touch, customised content

TWR & IRR calculations
  • Including options such as daily, monthly or quarterly compounding

Our contacts

Jay Peller

Jay Peller

Head of Fund Services,
Citco Fund Services (USA) Inc.

T +1 212 551 3270

Claudia Bertolino

Claudia Bertolino

Head of Private Equity and Private Credit,
Citco Fund Services (USA) Inc.

T+1 212 551 3251
LNew Jersey, USA