Regulatory Reporting

Citco has developed a range of innovative regulatory reporting services aimed at raising the efficiency of your business by taking advantage of overlaps between different global reporting requirements.

Our specialized team and interactive tools and portals help you to gather data, perform calculations, prepare reports and manage the regulatory process.

Citco maintains close contact with the local authorities and keeps track of any relevant changes affecting your business.

Key Services

  • Assistance with U.S. regulatory reporting requirements primarily related to SEC, NFA, CFTC and U.S. Treasury mandates

  • Reporting in compliance with the AIFMD

  • Multijurisdictional filing services

  • Reporting in line with AEOI requirements

  • Support with compiling key data for your local and global teams on their regulatory processes

Our contacts

David Fritz

David Fritz

Citco Financial Statements and Regulatory Reporting Services
Managing Director, Citco Fund Services (Malvern) Inc.

T+1 484 431 1549