Trustee Services

Establish a variety of trusts in a choice of highly respected jurisdictions with an independent trustee that has no conflicts of interest.

A trust’s flexibility and unique features make sure that it will deliver benefits both during the settlor’s lifetime and to the settlor’s family after he/she passes away.

A trust’s ultimate success depends on choosing the right trustee. We have years of experience in providing professional trustee services. We do not offer asset management services but work with third party investment managers, banks, attorneys, accountants and other advisors.

We offer comprehensive estate planning strategies incorporating a variety of trust structures dealing with specific interests (such as education, special needs, works of art, philanthropy etc.), or taking account of cultural needs.


  • Comprehensive estate planning
    - Solutions for your lifetime and beyond

  • Trust structures for specific interests
    - Solutions for purposes such as education, philanthropy etc.

  • Specialist trustee services
    - Provision of professional trustees

Our contacts

Leila Szwarc

Leila Szwarc

Member of the Management Team,
Governance Services
Citco Corporate Management (Madrid) S.L.

T+34 91 414 8667

Javed Aboobakar

Javed Aboobakar

Business Development,
Governance Services

T+230 404 2610