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Our core business practice involves subsidiary management on a global scale, and with such a specialized focus we have experienced using almost all off-the-shelf entity management systems and related technologies. While each of these have their strengths (usually in one specific area only), our experience is that there has been a real gap in the market for a technology that can actually help governance professionals manage their entities and their risk around the world. Responding to this need, this year, and after a significant amount of technical development, we have launched the first phase of our task management system.

The system is an advanced tool for calendaring, tracking and reporting company secretarial deadlines, amongst other tasks and key performance indicators.

The GSGS task management system was developed in-house, converting years of accumulated subsidiary management knowledge and expertise derived from our partnership with large multinational clients into a unique software framework. It gives our clients full transparency over the global governance status of their entities and obligations, and provides them with a full range of tools for process management and analytics.

We have already rolled out the full integration of our current operations into the GSGS task management system, and our client servicing teams are operating with improved workflows and churning out advanced reporting for clients. As a standard part of our service in 2020, our clients will receive access via a secure portal to directly access reports and upload service requests.

The new technology provides visibility over annual obligations, service requests and projects (e.g. global director changes or entity reduction) as well as a comparison with historical data (e.g. fees charged).

The tool also offers access to a Rules Engine for recording statutory regulations to automatically generate a reliable Annual Compliance Calendar. The system combines auto-generation and data input, running these by predefined rules across each jurisdiction and type of legal entity, in order to schedule major compliance events. This scheduling is supported by the system’s core data, such as financial year-end and date of incorporation. The cross-functionality ensures accuracy and the ability to capture exceptional cases and events.

Based on current and historical data, our technology generates Dynamic Dashboards showing compliance, tasks and related costs for the whole portfolio. The interface is intuitive, interactive and provides compelling visualizations (including charts and heat maps). Clients have the ability to zoom in or out per region, division, entity, service or project.

The GSGS task management system is unlike the typical off the shelf software that offers partial components related to entity management – it is the practice of good subsidiary governance codified into a complete technology experience. For clients, this translates to time and cost savings, ultimately leading to greater control through transparency.




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