Citco will sponsor the upcoming GAIM Ops Cayman event

We are thrilled to announce that Claudia Bertolino, Head of Business Development for Citco Fund Services, will introduce Amber Case, a keynote speaker in an upcoming GAIM Ops Cayman panel on Monday, April 29.

Amber Case, a Cyborg Anthropologist, will discuss Calm technology – a type of information technology where the interaction between the technology and its user is designed to occur in the user's periphery rather than constantly at the center of attention – and the cultural impact of AI and automation.

“I am honored to be introducing a renowned lead in futurism and AI for a conversation on the interaction between humans and computers and how our relationship with information is changing the way cultures think and act. As we at Citco continue to work with technologies like machine learning and intelligent automation, it is only appropriate we consider the impact of such advances on the way we work.”

Named one of Inc. Magazine’s 30 under 30 and Fast Company’s Most Influential Women in Technology, Amber Case was the co-founder and CEO of Geoloqi, a location-based software company acquired by Esri. In 2012, Amber was named as a National Geographic Emerging Explorer and received the Claude Shannon Innovation Award from Bell Labs.

Final Day of GAIM Ops Cayman

We are also delighted to share that Nate Goodman, Executive Vice President of Business Development, will lead the opening remarks for the final day of GAIM Ops Cayman General Sessions on May 1st, as the designated Chairperson of the Day.

Please join Nate as he introduces keynote speakers Dr. Suzanne Peterson and Kevin O'Connor who will be discussing leadership, managing change and current trends in the alternatives legal landscape, as well as a general session on how emerging funds are improving efficiency and reexamining operating staff.

“As GAIM Ops comes once again to a close, I am honored to be named the Chairperson for the Day and look forward to introducing and leading the day’s general sessions. Suzanne Peterson and Kevin O'Connor are distinguished experts in their respective fields, and we look forward to hearing their views and insights.”

Our contacts

Claudia Bertolino

Claudia Bertolino

Head of Business Development,
Citco Fund Services (USA) Inc.

T+1 212 551 3251
LNew Jersey, USA

Nate Goodman

Nate Goodman

Head of Business Development (North America), Citco Fund Services (USA) Inc.

T+1 201 699 9435
LNew York