New York Breakfast Roundtable: The opportunities and challenges of standardized reporting in Private Equity and Real Estate

On Tuesday 9th May 2017, Citco hosted a breakfast roundtable, which featured the Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA).

Widely adopted by the industry, ILPA's reporting template will undergo further developments driven by additional disclosure needs. Learn more about implementation benefits, challenges and strategies.

Over the last year the issue of standardization in private equity and real estate reporting has become a critical topic among leading limited and general partners. Based on large scale consensus that consistent disclosures on private equity investment costs, i.e., fees, expenses, related party affiliate revenue and carried interest would benefit all parties, the Institutional Limited Partners Association began an effort to foster greater transparency and compliance by developing a standardized Reporting Template to be used by LPs and GPs on a global basis. Fifteen months later, this Reporting Template is being completed by hundreds of GPs.

The discussion will cover the following:

  • An update on industry adoption of the Reporting Template including “stories from the field” on the benefits and challenges of implementation.
  • Strategies which are being considered by LPs when seeking verification of expense numbers.
  • Market and political dynamics that are driving future needs for additional disclosure requests by LPs.


Jennifer Choi
Managing Director, Industry Affairs

Martin Davidson
Chief Accounting Officer

Greg Jania
Head of Fund Investments - Private Equity
APG Asset Management

Ishita Shah
Head of North America - Private Equity
Citco Fund Services


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