Tax and transfer pricing governance insights for private equity firms and global multinational companies

Wednesday, 15 November 2017
8:00 am - 10:00 am | London

Citco Global Subsidiary Governance Services, Pinsent Masons and Quantera Global hosted a breakfast seminar that shared insights on the current tax and transfer pricing environment for private equity firms and global multinational companies.

Both the investment management industry and global multinational companies that deal with holding, acquisition and finance structures on a day-to-day basis are facing tax, legal and regulatory changes like never before. Changing international tax rules and increased scrutiny by the tax authorities and the public require increased attention and operational change to deal with this increased risk.

It is more important than ever to address these challenges by having a clear tax strategy, developing a workable Tax Control Framework within your organisation and taking a fresh look at the transfer pricing risks.

During this seminar the panel invites you to participate in a discussion around three elements that are at the heart of these changes:

  • how will the new rules affect your operations?
  • what are the pressures on governance given measures to increase international tax transparency, including Country-by-Country reporting?
  • how can running a Tax Control Framework & Transfer Pricing Risk Mitigation help you in addressing these new risks?


Paul Brown
Business Development Manager
Citco Global Subsidiary Governance Services


Jason Collins
Partner – Head of Tax, Litigation and Regulatory
Pinsent Masons

Theo Elshof
Managing Director
Quantera Global

Arnas Laurynas
Executive Director
Quantera Global UK