Citco and Eze Castle Integration Webinar | The Transformation of Private Equity Operations from Administration to Tech

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Citco and Eze Castle Integration would like to thank everyone who attended the webinar on the transformation of the back-office for private equity firms. We hope you found it valuable.

Following the event, we've compiled a list of relevant resources:

About the event:

Private equity firms have been slow to embrace outsourcing, but managing data and technology is more complex than ever. With increasing regulatory requirements and a growing urge to focus on core competencies, PE firms are shifting their views of the back office.

Speakers from Citco Fund Services and Eze Castle Integration examined the changing tide for private equity operations and how CFOs, CTOs and the fund managers alike can control operating costs, maximize efficiency and better perfect operational workflows. Our experts addressed:

  • How PE funds are managing exponential data growth and strict reporting requirements
  • How clients and investors are impacting the need for robust cybersecurity protocols; and
  • Advice for conducting due diligence on outsourced service providers. Please join Citco and the Managed Funds Association for  a briefing examining the  US regulatory regime and its impact on European hedge fund managers and investors


Nikolas Perros, Head of Private Equity Services, Citco Fund Services

Vinod Paul, Chief Commercial Officer, Eze Castle Integration

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Nikolaos Perros

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Jeffrey Rosen

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