Citco and HFM Global launch industry wide survey on distribution, new fee structures and products

It is no secret that hedge funds face a challenging fundraising environment. The industry is at an inflection point, with muted performance returns in 2016 and pressure for change from investors mounting. In this environment, the future will favour firms that can best adapt to meet the demands of investors.

With the stakes so high, determining the best means of attracting capital has rarely been so important. But hard statistics relating to the fundraising process are rarely available. To plug this information deficit, HFM Global and Citco Fund Services have conducted one of the most extensive surveys of hedge fund management firms by obtaining responses from 225 firms, based throughout the world about their distribution strategy.

Responses were gathered from firms of all sizes running a diverse range of strategies. The findings offer unprecedented insights about how different hedge funds are faring in fundraising terms and reveal their preferred — and most effective — methods of raising money.

The industry has faced a challenging performance cycle, but has emerged on a stronger footing from such spells before. This survey reveals a bullish optimism among managers but also a realisation that change may be required to preserve the industry’s strong position.

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