Citco launches new SaaS Æxeo Treasury™ solution on Amazon Web Services

  • Cloud-based treasury tool supports alternative fund managers
  • Adds value through improving operational efficiency and enhances security

New York, 13 November 2018  – The Citco Group of Companies (“Citco”), a leading global services provider for the financial services industry, today announced the launch of Æxeo Treasury, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering.

The new product, Æxeo Treasury is an inaugural “born-on- the-cloud” solution that gives alternative fund managers a state-of-art method of managing treasury functions through a SaaS tool running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It adds value by improving operational efficiencies and workflows, and provides a secure, centralized module for treasury operations. 

Æxeo Treasury is a stand-alone solution that enables firms to centralize their treasury functions, including funding investments, settling OTC trades and margin, making transfers between accounts or paying invoices, and other transactions through Citco’s SWIFT Service Bureau functionality. Additionally, this new platform offers unprecedented flexibility and utility by:

  • Centralizing management and eliminating the need to log into individual bank portals
  • Providing security, scalability and accessibility
  • Providing global accessibility through all web enabled devices, including mobile
  • Allowing collaborative and segregated user management workflows
  • Supporting real-time SMS & Email notifications for specified users

Jay Peller, Head of Fund Services at Citco, commented “We continually partner with our clients to bring them innovation in technology. Æxeo Treasury is our latest SaaS-based technology tool which provides flexibility to support efficient middle office processing and frees our clients to focus on what makes them great – generating alpha.  Citco’s commitment to technology excellence using our Fintech+ approach drives our leading-edge technology and continues to ensure that clients’ interaction and information assets are safe and secure. As our clients’ needs expand, so will our solutions. We remain dedicated to developing user-friendly and easy to implement products that create new levels of flexibility and customization.  Citco is redefining best-in-class technology available in the Alternative Asset manager space.”

The new Æxeo Treasury product is available immediately and is fully integrated with AWS cloud services. Built using multiple AWS Availability Zones, it offers an added layer of security through RDS storage encryption with full features for SWIFT compliance.  

“The move to the new Citco Æxeo Treasury product has improved both the workflow and security in our process simultaneously. This has increased the efficiency of our operations team and allowed them to better focus on more complex tasks.” Commented Citco’s client, Jonathan Isler, Partner and Chief Financial Officer at Deerfield Management.

Æxeo Treasury was developed by Citco’s in-house team of technologists, who combine Citco’s deep experience in developing award-winning technology products with the latest advancements in cloud-based technology to produce commercially available software. Citco’s commitment to service excellence using this Fintech+ approach will continue to ensure that clients’ interaction and information assets are safe and secure.


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