Citco launches enhanced risk and transparency offerings for alternative investment firms

New Dashboard Interface and Enhanced Suit of Analytical Tools Provide Clients with Comprehensive Risk Assessment

New York - The Citco Group of Companies (“Citco”) today announced that it has launched an enhanced version of its risk and transparency offering which will enable clients to monitor and assess risk, using flexible, customizable tools. The technology is available to Citco clients and other alternative investment firms.

Citco’s suite of risk management tools enables users to access, monitor, analyze, and report risk in a way that is customizable and transparent. The system now features interactive data visualization dashboards, which can provide exposure and performance attribution drill-downs and deliver tailored analysis of key risk drivers across asset classes. The platform also includes new tools for stress testing and tailored risk and performance measurements, as well as the ability to produce customized risk assessment reports for portfolio and risk managers, institutional investors, and regulators.

Philip Tham, Head of Risk and Valuation at Citco, said, “Fund managers, as well as their investors and regulators, are increasingly requiring higher levels of transparency. Citco continues to invest in the most advanced technologies, and our risk solution is designed to deliver the type of granular detail and analytical capabilities that will help our clients more efficiently and effectively manage risk.”

Johannes Kaps, CEO of HS Group said, “Citco’s service provides the type of information, tools, and metrics we need to analyze risk. We have been pleased not only with the sophistication and usability of their technology, but also with the high level of industry expertise throughout their team, all of which has had an important impact on our day-to-day business.”

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