Citco raises bar in risk reporting

Citco launched a risk-enhanced reporting solution at the end of 2016 that gives users an interactive, fully customised reporting dashboard through the CitcoOne™ web portal. The new solution consists of three key additions: the CitcoOne™ web portal, an aggregated risk reporting datamart and a custom performance and risk analytics engine. 

By bringing together information from multiple third-party data sources, the solution provides analytical data enrichment at all attribution levels (performance, statistics, greeks, ratios…) and delivers a complete solution in a dynamic customisable reporting interface.

Solution is built from three parts

The CitcoOne™ risk reporting platform is the first component of the new solution. It provides an interactive reporting interface with instant feedback that users can access through desktop or mobile devices. It can be customised by the user and houses a reporting engine that can run reports based on criteria selected by the client. Pairing our current suite of custom risk and performance pdf reports with the risk visualisation dashboard completes the end-to-end reporting solution.

The second addition is the risk datamart. This enables aggregation of data from multiple sources and is adaptable to a wide range of data types. It pairs the scalability of Citco’s infrastructure with data from third-party data providers. Institutional investors, funds of funds, private equity and hybrid funds have always struggled to aggregate data in non-standard formats. The new datamart aims to solve this problem. 

Bringing together multiple types of data from different sources and providing dynamic, interactive reporting dashboards significantly broadens the risk reporting solution’s appeal. Family offices can view performance metrics, risk and exposure attribution across all investment business units. Managers with multiple managed accounts can view the performance and exposures of their investments individually or collectively. Private equity and hybrid firms can source contribution analysis and benchmark analysis. By providing look-through analysis, the datamart also gives full transparency into each level and allocation. 

Finally, the custom performance and risk analytics engine completes this service. For 30 years, Citco has calculated fund returns accurately and efficiently, based on standard accounting principles and techniques. But recently, we have seen a growth in requests for custom calculations. For instance, a hybrid fund manager might want to see returns at the issuer level, estimated versus actual returns or returns in local currency. The CitcoOne™ reporting interface has the flexibility to compute returns, performance and contribution analysis based on the client’s needs. Family offices and hybrid investment managers especially want to use alternative methods of calculation to review performance returns. 

Leader in risk analytics

Citco has always been an industry leader in providing analytics and risk information for single manager hedge funds. Approximately 21% of the assets that Citco currently services receive risk and analytics data. 

8th March 2017