Governance set to become a specialist discipline Funds are finding that only independent specialists can deliver the necessary oversight of complex SPV structures

February 2016

Changing regulations and tax legislation are giving Chief Financial Officers and General Counsels a virtually impossible task. The private equity (PE) and real estate (RE) funds they oversee typically have large numbers of underlying special purpose vehicles (SPVs). Keeping track of shifting rules and laws is in danger of overwhelming the resources of some in-house teams.


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Comment and Analysis: Fees and Expense Ratios

November 2014

The historic DNA of a hedge fund has been that out-performance through the generation of absolute alpha justifies the 2/20 fee model and for the most part, the traditional fee model prevailed. But look a little closer and it becomes clear that the industry has evolved considerably from this single dimensional moniker, and hedge fund managers are creating new products and fee structures as the competition for investors intensifies.

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